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The Best Info About Top ten Dota Heroes on Web

You have Landed here cause you ❤ Dota, Just like me..
Dota for Fans is not just a game but an obsession/Addiction
I Have put up a List about Top ten heroes in Dota…
The most argued topic on net about Dota…
Every Hero is Unique and Every Hero is Imba if played well…
But i can promise you that this is the best list you can ever find on this topic..

NeverMore A.k.A Shadow Feind

YouR SouL IS MinE

NeverMoreI have decided to put Nevermore, the Shadowfiend on top of the list because he is one of my favorite heroes in DotA , and in my opinion, very hard to play. His primary nuke can be devastating, *if you land 3 Razes perfectly it would be outright 900 damage+armor Reduction!! (A Nightmare for Int and some Agi Heroes) his Necromastery can destroy last hit depending heroes and his ultimate also can be devastating. Now that sounds a little bit too imbalanced, but it isnt. Shadowraze definitely requires some skill(although not as much as most think), Necromastery requires some serious last hit skills and his ultimate is only useful if timed correctly and if you are able to use it. His ultimate needs an item. Let it be Lothar’s Edge or Black King Bar or Blink Dagger.

Lothars is the Best Item you can Get on SF in early stages of game, Provided if there are no disablers on the opp-side,
in case of Disablers BKB is your best bet,
With Lothars you can Just windwalk into a weak fragile opponent while he is farming, Tap R,** Woosh,Boom**, and your opponent is dead even before he knows what happened..
Dont Forget to raze.. in case of enemy fleeing with Low HP!!

The Shadowfiend should be played as a carry hero, so farming and staying alive are very important for him.

Barathrum a.K.a Spirit Breaker

Run!!!!! Bara is Charging on you!!!!!

SpiritbreakerThe First Reaction of INT or Fragile Heroes after Noticing that they have been charged:
****OH F**K I AM DEAD!!!!****

The Spiritbreaker is excellent at crushing the fight out of an enemy target. His skills are focused on disabling and killing a single enemy hero,(God Save you if he Charges on you with a Life steal Item) Making him much more effective in ambushes and one on one situations The Spiritbreaker generally opens with a Charge of Darkness, which allows him to charge from any point on the map towards the target,Ignoring the Terrain(since 6.72, Bara has Become All-Terrain)increasing in speed as he approaches his target. Upon arrival, he delivers a crushing stun, giving him time to follow up with his other active ability: Netherstrike. Netherstrike is his Ulti, which knocks the target back and deals massive damage. Empowering Haste is a aura which significantly boosts the movement speed of the Spiritbreaker and nearby allies, as well as providing him with a damage bonus based on his movement speed. Greater Bash is partly what makes the Spiritbreaker so feared by lone enemies. Upon connecting a Greater Bash, the Spiritbreaker deals extra damage and knocks the target back, stunning and disabling them completely. With Charge of Darkness, Greater Bash, and Netherstrike, hapless targets of the Spiritbreaker’s attention are often dead before they can so much as lift a finger in retaliation.

Jah’rakal a.K.a Troll Warlord

Bash..Bash…Bash… You are DeaD!!!!!

TrollReceiving some major buffs in 6.72, Troll Warlord is Invincible once let to be farmed. Once after getting a Lifesteal item, Troll can either keep jungling, or can take heroes one on one,
Troll is certainly one of those “hard” carries that can take out just about any other hero in the game — however, his drawbacks lie in his paper-HP and his unsatiable taste for expensive items, just like any other carry hero in the game.
Troll since his latest buff has become more and more powerful,
there are many troll fans just as SF fans.. mainly newbies(Don’t call them Noobs..They are offended)
Dont Indulge in Ganks at First just keep farming,
in the end no one would dare to enter into a Clash with Troll.

Lina Inverse a.K.a The Slayer

Light Strike Array -> Dragon Slave -> Laguna.. You are History!!!

SlayerSlayer is the best Nuker in Dota, capable of killing INT/fragile heroes with one combo of her spells. Her two main spells provide a powerful AoEcombo.
Lina can be Very Versatile in Fast Hands, Cause if you cast all the spells, Including Dagon, before the enemy can understand whats going on he will be counting down his Re-spwan time.
Dragon Slave fires a quick fiery projectile which deals good damage and has pretty high range. Light Strike Array is Lina’s stun spell. Due to her relatively slow cast time it can be difficult to hit moving enemies with this spell, however. Many Lina players cast Light Strike Array right after an ally uses another stun, making the spell much easier to hit and prolonging the total disable time. To support her offensive gameplay style, Lina has a passive skill called Fiery Soul. Every time she casts any of her other spells, Lina gains a temporary movement and attack speed bost, allowing her to chase down and kill fleeing enemies. Lina also has the most damaging single-target spell in the game: Laguna Blade. This devastating blast of energy is one of the best ways to finish off injured enemies. Often heroes who thought they were safe are blasted into oblivion by a single Laguna Blade and if Lina gets a Dagon, Dude.. Dare you Challenge her..

Rikimaru a.K.a Stealth Assasin

Where is he?? Where is he?? *Blink *Smoke *Dead

Favorite of many Pro’s….
Worst Enemy of Many Newbies…
Rikimaru can be anywhere, anywhere on the map, Watching at you and laughing at your farm and waiting for the right time to blink and finish you off.
Blue would be the color you would see everywhere once you are haunted by this assasin
Rkimaru’s ultimate allows him to Become Invisible after an attack or using an ability. He could be anywhere, at any time, and that is his main Strength.Backstab is the most dangerous passive which penalises the Fleeing enemies, Causing greater damage as he grows more agile. He can also Blink Strike towards his enemies to quickly get in range of attack, making it even harder to escape or catch him. Once he decides to Devour a Target, Rikimaru can Cast a Smoke Screen in the area, which expands, silencing anyone inside, slowing them down, and causing them to miss. Only a fool would continue fighting while blind, deaf and dumb.

Mortred a.K.a Phantom Assassin

I Hate Crits I Hate Mort!!!!!

MortIF you are Playing against Mortred, You would Hate to see the Strength and Frequency of the RED Critical Strikes Which appear on Mort, Cause once totally Farmed Mortred can Deliver 1000+ Critical which would be Somewhere close to a INT heroes Total HP!
I Generally look at Mortred’s Crit and Calculate how many hits before she finshes me..
Mortred starts off fairly weak and vulnerable, but can become one of the deadliest assassins of all. Her Daggers can be thrown from a safe distance, dealing minor damage to fell mortally wounded foes, or slow her targets momentarily. She can Phantom Strike to any target, allowing her to be agile and perform quick escapes and/or kills. Mortred passively blends into her surroundings, eventually resembling a Blur, which can easily be unnoticed even by a trained eye, and will always be harder to hit. What sets her apart from the rest is her Coup de Grace, a devastating critical attack that when landed deals up to four times her natural damage.

Sven a.K.a Rouge Knight

I Haven’t Seen God, But i Have seen his Strength in Sven!!!

SveNSven…Once Pumped up With God’s Strength(His Ulti), Combined with Cleave, Is Devastating, His Storm Bolt can stun Enemies from a Long range, so that Sven can close in for attack,
His Ulti can Help him take down towers all by himself, Even by tanking it..
Sven is a Powerful Tanker, and a Semi carry if played well
Sven is all about getting pumped up.Storm Bolt is a powerful damage spell, which stuns both the target and all surrounding units for several seconds, allowing Sven to catch up and deal with them. His Warcry ability helps, giving Sven and nearby allies a temporary movement speed and armor bonus so they can charge quickly and fearlessly. Sven’s foes should be especially fearful of his powerful physical attacks. God’s Strength pumps Sven’s damage up to very high levels, and Cleave turns every attack into an area of effect strike. Although his game-play is fairly straightforward, Sven should not be underestimated. The best course of action when faced with a fully pumped Sven is to run.

Raigor Stonehoof a.K.a The Earthshaker

I Beg You E.S, Please Dont Stun Me!!!!!

ESConsider Your Friend Picks up ES and Comes into laning with you,
Then Rest back, Cause your farming will be never so easy as it is along with ES…
Considered the Best Disabler in Dota, ES Is a Havoc,
Blink, Ulti , Stun , Fissure….
Do the Steps in whatever order you like in a Gank…
U are Promised atleast with a Double Kill…
His Fissure spell is very versatile. While it deals decent damage along with a stun, it also creates an impassible wall of rock for several seconds. A skilled Earthshaker can use this to his advantage, blocking enemy movement and trapping hapless foes between a rock and a hard place. Enchant Totem gives him a significant damage boost for one attack, and his passive Aftershock ability causes a minor stun and damage effect under him every time he casts one of his spells. Although he is one of the more difficult heroes to use to his full strength, he is also one of the most deadly heroes in skilled hands.

Axe a.K.a Moghul Khan

If you think you can Tank AxE, Either you are a Fool or you have 6 HoT’s!!!!!

AxEHow many times has this happened to you??
You engage with Axe, your Hp is Fair enough, Axe’s Hp is low, and When you think you are gonna finish him, his Counter Helix Starts to Suck Life out of you, and axe finishes you with his cuelling blade and runs like a little red riding hood with point HP??
Well that is Axe, the Most Dangerous Tanker of Dota, If you think you can Tank him, Think again!!!
His Battle Hunger gives enemies the choice between staying back and taking damage, or engaging in battle and risking being trapped by Berserker’s Call. The extremely effective combination of Berserker’s Call and Counter Helix can cause massive amounts of damage to a large group of enemies, while allowing his allies free reign. If an enemy should manage to escape his Call, Mogul Khan can abruptly end their life with his mighty Culling Blade. Truly, the Axe is an enemy to be feared
Axe with a HoT, Blademail, and a Blink is IMBA!!!!!

Morphling o.K.a Morphling

I am Str, No wait i am Agi, I am a Tank, No wait i am a Carry!!! i am Heavy Nuke Too!!

MorphYeah yeah, The Pic is From Dota 2,
But Can’t Help it, its way too Imba, or say Adorable

Morphling, Arguably the Cutest Hero of Dota, is a Very Very Interesting Hero to play with, His Wooooooosh is so Damn good that you wish you could only Wooosh all the time, With a 325 Damage and Ability to Move into or Out of Battles, Waveform is the Best Skill which Defines Morph,
Waving onto fleeing enemies and killing them is really cool, his Morph skill gives you an array of choices to either be a Tank or Carry, to turn into an Str or stay Agi.
capable of giving or taking massive amounts of damage, at the will of the player. His Waveform allows him to escape or initiate fights with ease, while his Adaptive Strike gives him a versatile, powerful nuke or stun. His Replicate allows him to make a copy of a hero, and to take the place of the copy in an instant. Morphling’s greatest strength, however, is his ability to transfer his agility points to strength, and vice-versa, allowing him to take on the role of tank or damagedealer at a moment’s notice. The Morphling is a dangerously mobile enemy, who must be treated with caution before he takes you by surprise!


Itulah tadi TOP 10 Hero Dota semoga terhibur dan jangan lupa bergabung bersama kami selaku Prediksi Togel , Singapore Pools , Togel Singapore, Hongkong Togel


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